Why Get a Video Pipe Inspection

Why Get a Video Pipe Inspection

Maybe you’ve noticed that the sink is draining slower than usual, or the toilet keeps overflowing. Plumbing problems often go undetected in many cases, and once they make themselves known, it can be challenging to pinpoint the exact problem. Today, we will address the question: how do you know what exactly your plumbing problem is? Your plumbing is predominantly in unseen areas of your house. The pipes are underground, behind walls, or under cabinets. This is when a pipe video inspection comes in handy. Today, we will discuss exactly what a video pipe inspection is and answer the question: “Why get a video pipe inspection?” first.


What Is A Video Pipe Inspection?

A pipe video inspection involves using a specially made, high-definition, waterproof camera to look in your pipes. The camera is very durable and features a flexible fiber optic scope. In addition, the plumber attaches the camera to an adjustable, durable rod with an LED light for lighting.  

Next, a plumber feeds the rod and camera through your pipe system. The camera transmits video footage back to the plumber in real-time. In addition, the video pipe inspection tool has a transmitter. The transmitter allows the plumber to stop the rod at the problem point, locate the area above the ground, and mark it. 

After the video pipe inspection is complete and the plumber has diagnosed the problem, you can request a footage recording. The recording is available, so you can reference it and have it handy for further review. 

The video pipe inspection is comprehensive; it can reach the plumbing lines within your house and extend as far out as the intersection of a sewer line to the municipal main. 


How Do You Know If You Need A Video Pipe Inspection?

We recommend a video pipe inspection in three different instances. Let’s discuss each one briefly below:

  • Difficult to find leaks or blockages

Suppose you are unsure where the leak or block is and traditional utility locating (the process of identifying and labeling public utility mains underground), and vacuum excavation do not work. In that case, a video pipe inspection will help. For example, the video pipe inspection will locate the block or leak under a foundation or inside a concrete structure. A pipe video inspection eliminates the guesswork and removes the need to dig blindly. 


  • Continual Draining Problems and Backups

Is your sink constantly clogged or draining slowly? Is your toilet regularly overflowing? Then you might need a pipe video inspection. The issue is likely with your indoor plumbing when drains in your shower, kitchen sink, or bathtub continually drain slowly or get backed up. A video inspection will locate the blockage so a professional can remove it once and for all.


  • Before Buying a Home 

We don’t need to remind you that buying a home is a considerable investment. A pipe video inspection enables you to look at the sewer and plumbing lines to ensure no unforeseen (code expensive) problems are coming your way. 


Why Get A Video Pipe Inspection?

  • Find The Block: One of the biggest benefits of a pipe video inspection is it shows you the exact location of the block in a pipe and how big it is. Sometimes the block is something as unexpected as a wayward tree root growing deep in the underbelly of your plumbing system.
  • Find Lost Valuables: It is easy for a wayward earring, a small pendant, or a ring to slip down the drain. A video pipe inspection enables a plumber to find and retrieve these lost valuables.
  • Find The Breaks: A common plumbing problem is a break in the line. A break in the line is a severe problem that can cause significant damage. A video pipe inspection shows the location of the break quickly and easily. 
  • Find The Leaks: Sometimes leaks are obvious, and sometimes not so much. A video pipe inspection shows the plumber the exact location quickly. In addition, measuring how much of the rod went down into the pipe before seeing the leak help plumbers diagnose the problem and calculate the exact location. 
  • What Is That? The video pipe inspection doesn’t only show the location of the clog but will also help determine what made the clog. This lets the plumber know which drain cleaning method will be the most efficient for you.
  • Protects Your Lawn: Gone are the days of needing to go digging up your entire front yard in search of the clog backing up your pipes. A video pipe inspection shows the exact location, eliminating the need to go all 2003 Holes in your yard. In addition, if you want to plant a new tree or do some landscaping, a pipe video inspection will show you where your sewer lateral is. Locating your line and being aware of where it is on your lawn will help you avoid future
    tree root incursions causing damage to the line.
  • Preventative Care: A video pipe inspection helps to reveal any developing problems before they become an expensive repair, or worse: a significant sewer backup into your house.
  • Good-Bye Permits: Often, when a plumbing company needs to dig up a lawn, they need permits. Because a video pipe inspection shows the exact location of the problem, making it easier to remove a clog or repair the line, a permit is usually not needed.
  • Save Money: All of the above points break down to one very crucial point: A video pipe video will save you time and money by detecting and stopping the damage faster.

How Long Does A Video Pipe Inspection Take?

A typical pipe video inspection only takes several hours to complete and will save potential hours of repair. It also saves you hours of worry over worrying that was not the problem! 


The Final Flush

Hopefully, we answered your question, “Why get a video pipe inspection,” and you now feel confident discussing this option with your plumber. Here at CAM Total Service, we believe in continually educating our team on the best plumbing practices and investing in the best plumbing equipment. Our customer’s happiness and homes are our top priority. Our commitment to staying up-to-date with the current knowledge and equipment in the field reflects our commitment to bringing the absolute best to each job. 

Contact our incredible, experienced superstar team at CAM Total Service today! Veteran and family-owned, we take pride in offering top quality, efficient, and affordable video pipe inspections to the Southwest Florida area. Our team is ready to help you flush your plumbing problems away! 

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Published: August 1, 2022
Author: suiteedge
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