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CAM Total Services Financing Options

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Do you want to upgrade your home, desire to invest in your property, or have a plumbing problem? Are you worried that your plumbing project might flush your finances down the drain?  If so, you might be interested in CAM Total Service’s financing options!

The plumbing loan application process is easy, simple, and fast. First, call for a free repair estimate. We promise our rate will remain the same throughout the project. Our team strives never to give you any unexpected expenses during a project. After the estimate, we offer two financing options through GreenSky and WEX, so you don’t have to wait for tomorrow to get the repairs you need today. We know that oftentimes plumbing projects can’t wait, so we pride ourselves on working alongside you to help you get the repairs you need. You only need 5 minutes to complete an application online and will receive a response within 60 seconds.

You might wonder, why finance my plumbing project?

There are several reasons why financing a plumbing project can be beneficial. First, financing allows you to complete a project without adding a large (and maybe unexpected) bill to your monthly expenses. Second, while we strive to keep our quality plumbing services affordable, plumbing projects have the potential to be quite costly. Finally, financing allows you to complete projects and return to enjoying your home at once instead of completing the project in small stages.

Let us help relieve some repair or renovation stress by offering exceptional financing for your needed plumbing project! See CAM Total Service‘s financing options below.


What We Offer

GreenSky Finance

Have you decided GreenSky is the financing option for you? Wonderful! The process is simple, efficient, and effortless. After our estimate, we will help you fill out the loan application using one of our team’s iPads. Then, we help you through the application!  Simply call and ask for the Greensky Finance option for CAM Total Service.

No-Interest Loans

Low Interest Loans

Fixed Rate Installment Loans with Low Payments

Same-Day Funding

Decision in 60 Seconds or Less

Joint Loans

To Apply Call Today

(239) 222-3739


Is Wisetack a better financing option for you? Perfect! The process is quick and straightforward. We can send you the loan application alongside your estimate immediately. Our team will then walk you through every step of the way, including getting you set up through our system. So everything you need is in one easy-to-access place.

Automatically Show Monthly Payment

Decision in 60 Seconds or Less

5 Minute Application

High Approval Rate

Same-Day Funding

Low Interest Options

To Apply Call Today

(239) 222-3739