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Southwest Florida Drain Unclogging Services

Get All That Hair Outta There!

A clog drained can really back up your life – pun intended! But, while clogged drains are a part of life, they don’t have to back up your schedule. CAM Total Service’s professional and efficient team will have your drain taken care of in no time.

Our team of licensed and insured plumbers has over ten years of experience in the business and strives to bring the best quality care to each job. Local and veteran-owned, we not only value the Southwest Florida community but the value of your time, home, and schedule. 

What causes drain clogs?

It isn’t really a matter of if you will have a drain clog; it is a matter of when. Most homeowners will experience a drain clog at one point or another. Most anything that goes down the drain and toilet will eventually contribute to a serious drain clog. Whether someone is a little too toilet paper happy, a big piece of chicken skin accidentally slipped down the drain, or stray strands of hair got away from you – clogs are a part of life.

Several DIY drain cleaning methods work wonders for a localized, partial blockage that is causing your drain to slow. However, sometimes you need a professional. We want to mention the importance of staying away from chemical drain cleaners. Resist the urge for a quick fix, as these cleaners are harmful to your plumbing, the environment, and your health. When a clog is too big to handle alone, call CAM Total Service. We are ready to help! While an overflowing sink might be overwhelming, it’s just another day on the job in the plumbing world.

Why Trust CAM to Help Unclog A Drain?

Depending on the extent of the drain clog, there are several options for removing it. First, we might use a motorized auger (also known as a snake). The auger is a long metal coil that “snakes” into the train until it reaches the block. A motor will rotate the coil causing it to push into the clog and break it up. An auger is one of the fastest ways to remove an obstruction. However, it can cause damage to the drainpipe if not done correctly. Always call a professional you can trust!

Another option is to unclog the drain with hydro-jetting. A hydro-jetter uses a powerful force of water to break through the block. In addition, this method cleans the inside of the drainpipe, preventing potential future clogs. A hydro-jetter is a hose with a 360 directional nozzle attached to the end. A professional plumber places the hose in the drain and uses high-pressure water to wash away all the debris clinging to your drainpipes, including whatever is causing that nasty clog. The high-pressure water is dangerous if misused, so always leave it to a professional!